The number of healthcare administrator jobs is expected to grow rapidly in the next decade along with the healthcare industry. Federal projections put healthcare administrator among the top jobs for 2019 and over the next decade. Kiplinger lists health service managers – another term for healthcare administrators – as one of the top jobs in 2019 with the biggest paycheck. They state the case for entering the profession succinctly: “The increasing demand for medical services calls for more people to manage them.” 

It is possible to get a healthcare administrator job with a Bachelor’s Degree. However, the sophisticated nature of today’s healthcare system means most employers want administrators who have earned a graduate degree in healthcare administration to manage the increasingly complex field of healthcare.

Growth In Healthcare Administrator Jobs 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) tracks current job numbers for hundreds of occupations and projects future growth. When it comes to the healthcare industry, the federal agency projects that 2.4 million jobs will be added between the years 2016 and 2026. The BLS reports, “Healthcare occupations are projected to add more jobs than any of the other occupational groups.” 

This growth is due to an aging population in the United States that requires more healthcare services. Another influence for growth in healthcare administration is preventive healthcare and its increased importance in modern health. Nationwide, the BLS projects a 20% increase in the number of healthcare administrator jobs between 2016 and 2026 (they refer to the position as medical and health services manager).   This is much faster than the 7% average increase expected across all occupations

Healthcare Administrator Jobs in Massachusetts 

Healthcare administrator jobs are even more attractive in Massachusetts. According to BLS statistics, as of May 2018, the mean annual salary for healthcare administrators in Massachusetts was $133,900. Nationwide, that number was$113,730. The job growth in Massachusetts is expected to be about 16% for healthcare administrators between 2016 and 2026.

One of the areas expected to see growth is the Boston metropolitan area, which ranks third in the country for employment of healthcare administrators, according to the BLS. The mean annual salary for healthcare administrators in the Boston area also ranks near the highest in the country at $140,700. 

Entering a Healthcare Administration Career

Success in obtaining a healthcare administration job involves a combination of business skills, financial acumen and knowledge of the healthcare industry. It is a complex position, which is another reason that qualified administrators are in such high demand.

A graduate program prepares students to excel in the profession. For example, the Boston College online Master of Healthcare Administration degree program offers students expertise in the latest business strategies as well as in healthcare regulation and finance. The program gives students credit for experience earned in the working world and incorporates ideas for industry experts into the curriculum. 

Earning a Master of Healthcare Administration degree will now position graduates to obtain progressively more senior jobs in healthcare administration today and in the years ahead. The field is expected to offer more opportunities in the coming years, as noted by U.S, News and World Report which ranks “medical and health services manager” among the Top 5 business jobs in the country for 2019. This growing field is ripe for those with the right skill set and education.