Job Outlook for Health-Related Industries


The top life science occupations are projected to 51,400 jobs by 2028.


The global biotechnology market size is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16% from 2021 to 2028.

2.4 Million

2.4 million new jobs in healthcare will be added in the next 10 years.

Healthcare, Life Sciences and Biotechnology Industries to Add Thousands of New Jobs by 2028

There is an increasing demand for knowledgeable professionals across the health ecosystem who can apply an interdisciplinary understanding of management science, social sciences, and improvement science to the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and other life science sectors. The top positions and salaries in these fields often require professionals with advanced degrees ready to take a holistic view and approach the challenges and opportunities in their industries.

Student & Alumni Testimonials

Advance Your Career in the Health Ecosystem

Andrew Scaplen, 2021
During my time in the program, I was promoted to a director position in my organization. I attribute much of my success in the interview process to many of the lessons I learned from the MHA program that empowered me to think more strategically and on a leadership level.

Kristen Pilkington, 2021
As an undergraduate English major, working with datasets was initially daunting to me. After completing the Finance course and Healthcare Analytics, I am now the go-to data person in my office, and these skills have been beneficial as I pivot my career into the health ecosystem.

Corey Waterhouse, 2021
This program has helped me move on to the next stage of my career by opening so many more doors. Working on a master’s degree allows me to apply for positions that I was unqualified for before, and it will allow me to keep advancing.

100% of MHA Graduates work in a health-related field. 84% are in an Associate, Senior or Executive level position across the health ecosystem.*

* 2020-2021 Program Survey Results

Where do MHA Students & Alumni Work?

Our students and graduates work in a variety of health related industries and environments across the health ecosystem, including: hospitals and health systems, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, digital health, government and nonprofit work, as well as technical and managerial consulting services.

Director of Emergency Management: $105,000
Administrative Services Manager: $98,890
Nurse Practitioner: $117,670
Intellectual Property Attorney, Pharmaceuticals $125,000
Revenue Cycle Operations Senior Manager: $104,000
Wellness Director: $72,400
Director of Finance, Medical Devices: $161,000
*Salary data is based on national averages, GlassDoor 2020