Healthcare, Life Sciences and Biotechnology Industries to Add Thousands of New Jobs by 2028

Health-related industries are rapidly expanding and expected to grow at a faster than average rate in the coming decade. With more health professionals required, healthcare administrators are in high demand. The top positions and salaries in health administration often require professionals with advanced degrees that are ready to apply an interdisciplinary understanding of management science, social sciences, and improvement science to the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and other life science sectors.

To secure your future in these fields, the Boston College Master of Healthcare Administration degree delivers comprehensive, competency-based knowledge that prepares graduates to address changing needs across all health related industries. Learn more about the exciting career opportunities that exist in the growing field of health administration.

Average salary data for “Healthcare Administrators” working in the following industries:

Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing: $204,300
Scientific Research and Development Services: $169,240
Wholesale Electronic Markets and Agents and Brokers: $162,880
Navigational, Measuring, Electro-medical, and Control Instruments Manufacturing: $159,910
Chemical Manufacturing: $155,180
Government: $111,520
Hospitals: $110,430
Outpatient Care Centers: $95,320
Physician Offices: $91,600
Nursing and Residential Care Facilities: $86,820

Where do Boston College’s MHA Students and Alumni Work?

Our students and graduates work in a variety of health related industries and environments.
Here are the top 10:

  • Hospitals and Health Systems

  • Insurance Providers

  • Physician Offices

  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Manufacturing

  • Scientific Research & Development Services

  • Digital Health Companies

  • Government

  • Nursing Care Facilities

  • Home Health Care Services

  • Management, Scientific & Technical Consulting Services

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