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Experience the Boston College Connection

Boston College incorporates the highest standards of ethics and social responsibility into program development and delivery while promoting excellence in teaching and research. Students will benefit from an engaged alumni network of over 180,000 members worldwide who share in a common bond. Our faculty are leaders in the fields of healthcare and life sciences, who continue to make timely, important contributions to their fields.

What MHA Students and Alumni Are Saying…

By far the best choice I made was choosing BC for the MHA! All the courses relate to my work in healthcare. I’ve received opportunities that would not have been possible prior to me starting the program.

Kaitlyn Torres, Coordinator, Department of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital

I enjoy combining the MHA Program with my professional life activities because it not only allows me to make well-informed contributions, but also allows me to educate my supervisors and colleagues about the healthcare system. The more time I spend in the MHA Program the more confident I become making decisions in my professional life.

Rebecca Cyr, Operations Coordinator, Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital
With two young children and a full-time job, I find this new, online medium has allowed me to focus on the important things in my everyday life while maintaining academic progress.
Rebecca Hayes, Surgical Nurse, Mount Auburn Hospital

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Online Master of Healthcare Administration Degree

Boston College MHA Program Key Features

Boston College’s 46-credit Healthcare Administration graduate program provides an online learning experience to support your career goals. MHA students benefit from integrated courses that build upon each other to foster individual growth by broadening content-specific knowledge, enhancing professional skills, and supporting career development. We support you throughout your MHA program experience in the following ways:

Online Courses with Asynchronous Activities and Individualized Support
An asynchronous online format enables students to balance professional and personal demands while pursuing graduate studies. The program offers individualized support and guidance from program leaders and faculty as students navigate the next steps in the program and their career.

Competency-Based Learning Model
Your program follows an online competency-based education (CBE) format – an innovative approach to earning your master’s degree. Your experience counts. You build on what you already know, demonstrate mastery at your pace, and focus on learning what is most meaningful to you.

Seven-Week Format
The MHA is an online program with asynchronous activities offered in a seven-week course formats; students often take two courses per semester with a one week break in between. The format allows students to complete the degree at their own pace in typically 1 to 2 years, but there is the flexibility to take longer.

Meaningful Online Interaction with Your Peers
Your courses include opportunities to collaborate with your peers to develop and present cutting-edge projects that address strategic and tactical challenges facing health-related industries.

News & Insights

News & Insights

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Online Master of Healthcare Administration Degree

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