What healthcare administration jobs are out there for MHA graduates? There are many factors currently at play that make taking on a leadership role in healthcare an attractive option.

For one, there’s the industry itself, which is one of the fastest-growing in the United States. An aging population, which is staying far more active than previous generations, and an increased awareness of the value of preventative medicine has led to an explosion in the number of healthcare administration jobs.

Federal projections call for healthcare to add 2.4 million new jobs between 2019 and 2029. That’s in line with the large growth in recent years. Numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show 19.9 million people work in healthcare, a big jump from the 16.9 million a decade earlier.

Another factor is the availability of online degree programs that make preparing for healthcare administration jobs easier to accomplish. Some, such as the online Master’s of Healthcare Administration from Boston College, are competency-based programs that allow students to use the knowledge they already have to move quickly through the program.

Top Healthcare Administration Jobs

Before considering entering a MHA degree program, it’s important to consider the jobs where such a degree will lead you. The good news is that, given the growth of the healthcare industry, there are a variety of options that pay well and offer a stable career path.

Here are some of the jobs to consider.

Hospital Administrator

Hospitals are complex and large, with hundreds and in some cases thousands of employees. In addition to the numerous types of healthcare services, there is food, laundry – all the operations of a major facility. There are also government compliance issues, constant analysis of the quality of medical care provided and a need to meet the hospital’s overall financial goals. The job requires someone with a master’s level of education and experience in the healthcare industry. According to the BLS, the median pay for a hospital administrator in May 2020 was $112,870.

Physician Group Administrator

A person in this role helps manage the business side of a medical practice for a group of doctors. Much like a hospital administrator, the person who oversees a physician’s group will deal with a complex set of medical issues, government standards and, of course, financial bottom lines. The median annual salary, according to the BLS, was $85,600 in May 2015.

Residential Care Facility Administrator

As mentioned, the U.S. population is aging. However, residential healthcare facilities – still sometimes known as nursing homes – are far different than the homes of the past. There are more medical services offered, such as physical therapy, and a wider range of services and activities. As always, the job requires the ability to deal compassionately with patients going through a major transition in life, as well as their family members. The median salary for this job is $89,880.

Public Healthcare Facility Administrator

In this job, the administrators oversees a facility run by the government to serve a specific group of patients, such as veterans. This job requires much of the skills of a hospital administrator and a knowledge of how to navigate government bureaucracy. The median pay in May 2015 was $101,190.

Home Healthcare Organization Administrator

These days, home healthcare offers many medical services for those who cannot leave their home due to illness or injury. This can range from care for wounds or injuries to routine therapy sessions. Administrators oversee the multifaceted services such an organization provides, overseeing personnel, budgeting, and medical services. The median annual pay in 2015 was $82,430.

These are just some of the healthcare administrator jobs that can be attained by earning a master’s in healthcare administration. For those already in the growing healthcare industry, it’s a natural next step on the way to the top healthcare administration jobs within an organization.

The BLS does not track home healthcare organization administrators specifically, but all medical and health managers made a median annual pay in May 2020 of $104,280.