This is not a vision for the future, but a reality at Avera eCare, a telemedicine center that provides remote emergency care for 179 hospitals across 30 states. Physicians for Avera eCare work out of high-tech cubicles instead of exam rooms. At Avera, doctors appear on camera to respond to 15,000 emergencies per year by using remote controlled cameras – even though they never get to see or touch their patients. This innovative care practice was recently profiled in an article in the Washington Post, clearly defining that the future of the intersection of technology and medicine is here in the present day.

Preparing for the impact of telemedicine on the healthcare industry is just one of the many ways that the field of healthcare is changing, and the Boston College Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program helps students develop a comprehensive understanding of healthcare technology design and implementation. The program addresses issues such as the management of multi-institutional relationships when implementing new technologies that include vendor configurations and cross-provider organization relationships.

The Boston College MHA program ensures that you will learn how to manage and leverage the dramatic shifts in e-health and information systems in the planning, operations, and implementation.