Boston College is honored to attract such a geographically and professionally varied group of students for its Spring and Summer 2020 cohorts of the online Master of Health Administration degree program. “I am excited to welcome MHA students from so many states and professions,” says Program Director Dr. Joni Beshansky. “To be a part of a world-class institution, working with such talented and dedicated students is inspiring. We are proud of our MHA program and every student who becomes part of this wonderful community.”

Excellence in Healthcare Education

The geographic and professional variety of students enrolled in the Boston College Master of Health Administration online degree program reflects excellence: both in the quality of the program itself and, even more importantly, excellence in the students it attracts.

Hailing from 16 states, from Maine to California, students bring a wealth of backgrounds, knowledge, and experience to their studies and their classmates. Collectively, students learn and grow together, to become ready to have an impact within the health ecosystem by improving the lives of those they serve, care for, and lead.

The current cohorts of MHA students work in hospitals, medical groups, food research laboratories, clinics, medical research institutions, pharmacies, dental groups, medical education programs, and the U.S. military.

MHA Students

From across these sectors, their professional job titles include:

MHA Students


This varied group of professionals is brought together by their individual motivation to advance their careers in healthcare and their trust in the unique benefits afforded them by studying online with Boston College.

The collective synergy of the students, their professors, and access to a network of more than 180,000 Boston College alumni makes the online MHA program a lifelong foundation of knowledge, ideas, and support.